Roasted Chicken & Butternut Squash Soup

Martha Stewart Roasted Chicken & Butternut Squash Soup

This beautiful bowl of soup is a recipe from the current issue of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine (October 2010). This is roasted chicken and butternut squash soup AND IT WAS GOOD. So good that I’m dying to make it again.  But this was a dish that made me face one of my food fears, butternut squash.

In life I’m known as a pretty bold person who will say anything but in my kitchen there are things that have intimidated me so I try to avoid them. Well, I’m getting over those fears because what’s the worst that can really happen in my kitchen? 

So what was I afraid of? Peeling a damn butternut squash, and now that I’ve done it I feel a bit silly. 

Martha Stewart Roasted Chicken & Butternut Squash Soup

I lopped off the top and bottom of the squash so I could sit it on my cutting board (and I picked the most crooked squash there was) and I used my very nifty grater. It slips on my ring finger and I can just run my hand down anything and it peels easily. The skin was thick so it took a few runs, but really, what was I so afraid of? When I peeled it the color was so beautiful and it was even more vibrant against my turquoise cutting board. It was so vibrant my husband thought it was mango and ate a piece of it when it was sitting in the fridge!

 Martha Stewart Roasted Chicken & Butternut Squash Soup

The soup was super simple (for the official recipe pick up the latest issue of Everyday Food – I download mine on my iPad via Zinio), I just roasted boneless chicken thighs, onions and chopped up butternut in a pan for 30 minutes (salt & peppered with a dash of olive oil). Then I put the veggies in a pot with chicken broth, coriander and cumin while I shredded the chicken. I mashed up the veggies with my potato masher so the soup was chunky and not too smooth. Salt and pepper to taste, add the chicken in and squeeze a dash of lemon juice to finish. Simply savory and delicious. I kept thinking I’d need to add something else but it really didn’t need a thing. I think if I make it again or make it meatless I may add a bit of curry just to see what that would taste like because now I’m getting pretty fearless.

I actually liked this recipe more because it didn’t require sugar or an apple like many recipes I’ve seen, it just played up the squash’s natural sweetness. I will definitely be making this dish again and again while butternut squash is in season.

Perhaps I’ll face my fears of eggplant next…are any of you afraid of anything in the kitchen?

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