What Is DWJ Up To?

So I’ve got a few new things going on in the world of DWJ and The Art of Accessories that I’m so excited to share! I know you already come to this site for my daily musings on accessories, but I’m now a Fashion contributor for the very fun site, We Heart This! In fact, my very first post went up today.
Today I’m talking about two of my favorite accessories to help transition your fall wardrobe because isn’t fall a bit tricky? It’s getting chilly, but it’s not wool sweater weather just yet. I’ve got 2 things I love that I’m sharing on WHT and I hope you’ll comment and check out their site as well. I’ll be contributing at least once a month, so stay tuned for more! They’re also doing a raffle for rescue shelter animals with some amazing prizes, you might want to buy a ticket for that while you’re browsing the site.

The other project that I’m working on is with Shop Suey Boutique. I was actually introduced to Shop Suey Boutique via Twitter a while ago and I saw several of their items in People Style Watch magazine. Shop Suey is my kind of online store, they have very cute and on trend accessories at my kind of prices! Example, I’ve been obsessing over a quilted chain link handbag for a while but Chanel is a bit out of my price range, Shop Suey has a quilted shoulder bag (in multiple colors) for $58! Sign me up!

So what am I doing with Shop Suey and how does it benefit you? Well, I’ve been invited to participate in the Shop Suey Society. Myself along with The Look for Less, The IE Mommy, Makeover Momma and A Mom In Red High Heels will  each get to choose an item from the boutique for the next few months, take pics and do a review to share with our readers about their merchandise (I just got a handbag yesterday that I think I may not ever want to take off my arm). You get to use the code ART20 to get 20% off your purchase at the Shop Suey Boutique! Nice, huh? The prices are already great and now you get the chance to knock them down even lower AND the holidays are coming, and I think there are some pretty awesome gifts for your friends in their store too.

In addition to WHT and Shop Suey you can always find me here and on Crumbs & Creativity if you want to talk about food! I’m just a busy, busy woman, huh? What’s new with you?

0 thoughts on “What Is DWJ Up To?

  1. Wow girl! You are busier now that when you were working a full time job…LOL!!! I love reading your posts and I’m heading to Shop Suey as soon as I type this message. I’ve decided to devote more time to my blog, as well. I feel inspired to just share the jewelry that I love and hopefully others will love too. I changed my blog site to: sassyjeweler.wordpress.com if you’d like to head over and check it out. Any comments/tips are most welcome! Keep posting girl, because I’m reading! =)


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