Friends Are Pretty Fantastic

Remember when I blogged about this super cute clutch by L.A.M.B. for Friday’s Fabulousness a few weeks ago? Cute, right?

Well…my friend SB came down for the weekend from Kentucky and she brought me a gift.
Burns Bag
She sewed me an even cuter version! Because SB lives in Kentucky I think 1. she attempts to bribe me with her wonderful sewing gifts in hopes that I’ll move to Kentucky (which is tempting) 2. she can’t participate in Stitch-N-Bitch sewing groups since she lives so far away 😦 Now she is my friend that turned me on to Craft Gossip (if you’re a crafter you need to be on this site, I browse it all the time and bookmark projects), and she made me a T-shirt scarf AND she even sewed me an apron like this one.

I think her bribes might be working…I may have to start looking at real estate in Kentucky. She said she took pictures of her sewing this bag, so I’ll share those when she sends them to me. I was super impressed and I’ve been carrying the bag all weekend. Surprisingly, it holds a lot. I had a small wallet, BlackBerry, comb, compact, lip balm, gloss and a knot of receipts in it this weekend. This is my new favorite thing.

I have awesome friends 🙂

0 thoughts on “Friends Are Pretty Fantastic

  1. Don’t forget 3. You are the closest thing to a celebrity that I know and I find yor fashion ideas very inspiring. I make the stuff from your crumbsandcreativity blog too, yum!

    Look at the real estate, you guys could live like kings!

    I guess I need to get on that picture thing…

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