Shop Suey Society | Celest Satchel

So I told you last week that I was a part of the Shop Suey Society and I’d be reviewing an accessory every month courtesy of Shop Suey Boutique and talking about it here on the blog. Well, this is my first post! WOOHOO! First up is the Celest Satchel in gray.

If you want an everyday work bag that looks very lady like, I’d suggest this piece. That was one of the reasons why I picked it, I liked the faux snake skin that I thought was just a print but really does have a great texture on the bag. I also love grey as a neutral, it’s so much richer and luxe to me than black.

On the plus side, this bag is HUGE! Yesterday I started a part time job downtown (no full time yet, but I’m still searching) and was the most dressed up I’ve been in a few months. You all know I’ve been living in my jeggings but I threw on some wide leg grey slacks and a dusty pink cardigan and my classic trench to feel more like the professional DWJ. This bag just kind of sealed the outfit for me and gave it a bit of polish. I was feeling a bit accessories lite yesterday since I had to be at work so early in the morning! Plus, it held all the paperwork they gave me, my iPad, camera, makeup bag…everything I crammed in there had it’s own pocket or neat space. I didn’t feel like anything was lost at the bottom of the bag. It also has a detachable crossbody strap but I haven’t felt the need to clip it on just yet. Perhaps tomorrow when I’m fighting the folks on the subway for a seat.
Celest Satchel
I did tie a silk Coach scarf I’ve had for a while around the handle, just to give it a pop of color…because I can’t seem to live without color or pattern. It just seemed like it was a natural fit.

Now I did love this for my “work look” but I kind of loved carrying it around with my more casual wear as well on the weekend. It added a bit more polish to my jeans and loose fitting T shirts. That kind of effortless cool you hope to exude even when you’re just running errands at Target…like I do every week.

If you want the Celest or anything else from Shop Suey, don’t forget you get an extra 20% off your purchase by using the code ART20 at checkout. And if you buy something, let me know what you picked!

And for more behind the store, check out the Shop Suey Blog and follow them {and me} on Twitter!

0 thoughts on “Shop Suey Society | Celest Satchel

  1. I have been looking for a new bag that wouldn’t break the bank, this might be perfect! And I wouldn’t have thought of gray but I like it more than just a plain old black bag. And I love the scarf as that extra little detail!

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