Adventures In Apple Picking

Apple Picking @ Homestead Farm

On Friday my husband took the day off and we went to Homestead Farm in Maryland with 2 friends to pick apples. It is late in the season for apple picking, they only had Cameo, Fuji and Pink Lady apples left to pick on the farm. I’ll definitely go in September next year just so I can really see full trees. But it was still a gorgeous day and I got a lot of good fruit.

Apple Picking @ Homestead Farm

I also bought some butternut squash and yellow squash (for my mother) while I was there. The soup I made was divine and tasted amazingly fresh. It made me want my own farm. Since I had several pounds of apples, I had already collected a few recipes that I will try over the next week or so to use them all up. The first recipe was a lighter version of a cake that I found in Cooking Light, Apple Upside-Down Cake

apple upside-down cake

I LOVED how beautiful this cake turned out. The perfect placement of apples, the browned outside, the soft and light texture of the cake on the inside. Absolute apple perfection. It was so pretty I didn’t want to cut it.

It was also fairly quick and easy to make. I think I should’ve let the sugar boil a bit longer to get the caramel a bit darker, but it was still a sweet delight. I also had to ask my mother how folks whipped egg whites to stiff peaks before KitchenAid stand mixers because if I had to do this by hand I would’ve given up on the cake from the very beginning. 

If you want to see what I wore apple picking, you can check out my other blog, The Art of Accessories. I plan on posting the rest of the pics from that day there. And I promise to post more apple recipes as I work through all these apples!

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