Can Someone Give Maura Kelly A Hug?

Yesterday Twitter and the blogosphere were buzzing about a Marie Claire blog post, Should “Fatties” Get A Room? (Even On TV), written by Maura Kelly. Take a moment and read it and then come back to this post…don’t worry, I’ll wait.

This article didn’t surprise me it made me a bit sad. Just one more thing in the blogosphere that is negative and mean spirited. I stopped reading Perez Hilton because I thought he was vicious. I feel bad when bloggers get mean comments about their outfits. I hate reading all of the negativity and hatefulness that we spew at each other through the anonymity of the world wide web.

When I read this post, I cringed. I didn’t comment, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to be mean or vicious. I actually just wanted to give Maura a hug. Why you ask? Because to me I felt like underneath her words against “fatties” she was really struggling with her own self image, as if she is just as uncomfortable with herself as she is with overweight people.


I’ve been a size 0 and a size 16 but no matter what size I was, I was happy and I loved myself. One thing you’ll notice in all those pictures is that I’m smiling because no matter what size I am, I have a good life, wonderful friends and an even greater family. I know that I’m beautiful whether a magazine (or blogger) tells me I am. I have brown skin, a gap, full hips and thighs and I am constantly changing and growing into the woman I know I am supposed to be. I am confident and I am happy with who I am at every stage in my life, no matter what size I am.

I have been a long time Marie Claire reader; Actually I am a huge magazine reader but I’ve always been irritated by the images of what’s considered normal or standard in most magazines. I’m not a size 2, fair skinned blonde woman. I hate that all black women are put in the “dark” makeup category. I’m sorry but we have a range that is just as broad as white women! I pick and choose what I think flatters me, I blog about what I know works for me, what I like in the fashion world and I’ve created my own positive image here on the the Art of Accessories. But not everyone is as fortunate as me (I’m looking at you, Maura Kelly). I am a bit shocked that her editor didn’t think twice about posting an article that would clearly strike a nerve but maybe that’s what Marie Claire wanted? To get folks up in arms? To get people to drop their subscriptions? Maybe. Maybe not.

I hope one day Maura Kelly loves herself enough to not worry about what others look like. I hope one day the magazine industry will recognize the beauty in EVERYONE and EVERY SIZE. I hope one day people will stop turning their own insecurities into hate and bigotry. I hope one day we realize that everyone is beautiful, unique and special.

So I’ll just say this and be done with it. Love yourself, then loving others will come naturally.

And if someone sees Maura Kelly on the street, please give her a hug for me. I think she might need it.

0 thoughts on “Can Someone Give Maura Kelly A Hug?

  1. I agreed… until I saw her Twitter page and the day before she was quite proud of the fact that she wrote an article that she knew would be controversial. It makes me wonder her motives behind the article. I thought about this last night when watching Glee – it’s true how the Internet is so mean and creates these crazy expectations for our bodies and writing like that is an example of poor self image (for if you have positive self image, would you even be thinking about such a topic as overweight couples on TV?). But then seeing what she posted prior to the firestorm, I wonder if she was channeling a bit of Perez and hoping that negative press could be used to promote herself and her work.

    I love your post, and I do agree – when you love yourself love comes to you. And blogs like yours help us women know it’s healthy and right to love ourselves the way we are. Thank you for your positive message!
    .-= Allie´s last blog ..My Wardrobe Today – Monday =-.

  2. You know when I read her article yesterday I was mad and then I was mad at myself for being insecure because I am overweight. But you are right, I shouldn’t care what she says or anyone else. I’m overweight for various reasons and her dumb tips on getting fit pissed me off. Then reading that she has suffered from anorexia made me realize she has her own body issues so how can she really weigh in objectively on obesity? You are right, we have to all love ourselves before we can love anyone else. Thanks, DWJ

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  4. You say hug, I would like to punch her in the face. I am not grossly obese, but I have a few pounds caused by medical reasons, that are now coming off. I won’t be be renewing my subscription with Marie Claire — they have section written by a plus sized girl and some of her thoughts and suggestions are unflattering for anyone in the plus size department.

    I do like what you wrote, maybe she needs a hug – but personally I would like to slap her. 🙂

    • @capitolhill20210 don’t punch her in the face! LOL Violence isn’t the answer and I would definitely hug her if I saw her. She sounds like she needs some love.

  5. I am not sure what is wrong with ME but I don’t see anything wrong with her article. (Let me first start by saying I am completely, perhaps even overtly in love with myself, and I am over 100 pounds overweight. I have no eating issues, over or under, and if I never lost weight, so be it. I was married to a skinny guy and I would never date a fat one because I am not attracted to heavy men. I am ok with people not being attracted to me because of my size. I need to lose weight just like everyone else that is overweight, but I am lazy and more concerned with eating for health than exercising.)
    Perhaps it was the blame that she seems to assign to fat people which is the issue. I agree that many people do not know why they are overweight, I have been since puberty, so who knows why I am. But I also know I should put down the cookies to try to lose those pounds. I blame myself for keeping the weight, not being overweight in the first place. But there are many gluttons who need to read this type of shock to help themselves and save their lives. It is one reason I watch the super obese on Discovery, so I am scared to bake and I stick to my healthy living commitments! People who speak the truth are not always beloved. She just said out loud what many people think. “Ugh, I don’t want to see those fat people!” If I had written the article, I MIGHT have added a few flowery words to calm emotions, but I think we Americans are a little lax on ourselves when it comes to our addictions. I believe that most people would agree that our collective American obesity stems from overeating and overeating foods that are not good for us.
    I hope that she is ok with what she wrote in the end. Just because people hate your words is no reason to not speak them.

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