I’m Smelling The Roses

purple I was running out the door to an appointment and wanted to put up a little something. I feel slightly guilty when I don’t post daily here (I don’t feel the same on Crumbs & Creativity).

This week has been busy and it seems that I’m in high demand at the moment (let’s hope this lasts). I’m working, pulling together a great project for the next Gift Guide with the help of my friends and then just doing all the other stuff I do on a daily basis.

How did I do all of this stuff when I had a full time job?!

I didn’t.

I have to admit, these last 2 months of unemployment have made me very happy in a way. I’ve been able to be creative and have time to actually experiment and try things out. I actually walked down the street in my neighborhood yesterday taking pictures of the leaves as they were changing because I had the time too. I guess I needed to slow down a bit and take some time off. If only I still had a full salary while I took time off, then this would be a wonderful break.

So I’m not doing a real posting today about anything in particular. Oh and yesterday’s post about the Marie Claire blog, well the Today Show talked about it this morning. I don’t think MC is handling their PR well. They declined the interview and their Facebook page got a bit pissed with folks commenting. I don’t think the outrage is going to end just because you put up a few counter points of view up on your website after everyone got so upset. When will magazines just learn to accept everyone? Sigh…

And since I’m not talking much today, feel free to tell me what’s new with you. I’d love to hear what’s going on in your world.

0 thoughts on “I’m Smelling The Roses

  1. D! Love this post… I know exactly where you’re coming from. Today I took my sister to an oncology appointment and then to get her halloween costume stuff… pre unemployment, I never had the time to do anything with anyone between work and improv stuff. I’ve been at my house on Long Island for the past 2 days and I head back to the city tonight. It feels so good…I don’t wake up and DREAD being stuck at at desk each day. It’s weird. I know having MONEY and a salary would make it all the better and far less scary but at the same time I can’t help but think this is how life should be all of the time. We stop existing just to get by…. it’s so wrong. I think we’ll both take this time as a blessing in disguise and help it mold our future career paths- I KNOW you will be successful and fantabulous in wherever this ‘break’ (but really non break because you are more connected to your world than EVER) leads you! Much love!!

    • @Jaclyn Awww…love you back. And I’m glad you get to spend time with your sister, I loved when m furlough days let me spend time with my Dad while he was sick.

  2. I am glad that your unemployment was brief as it was insightful. I am returning to work after a year or so starting late next week, and I hope that I remember my life during unemployment and all its lessons.

  3. As much as working can be great, I know what you mean about having time to do creative things. I totally wish I had that time. Working can be so draining, and it doesn’t leave you with much time for yourself. Everyone needs to take a mental health day every couple months, just to keep their sanity! 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    .-= Sophia´s last blog ..Simple Tips To Being Happy =-.

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