How to Accessorize | Peace & Stripes

Peace & Stripes
Have I mentioned how in love with fall I am right now?

I love the crispness in the air, the need for light jackets and wearing boots, the gorgeous color of the leaves slowly falling. Oh and hot chocolate…with lots of marshmallows.

Friday was one of those beautiful fall days and I headed out to check out the new Anthropologie store, Adorn, with Andrea from the Fly Girl Blog (you should check out her site because it’s wildly artistic and creative). The store was small but bursting with swoon worth shoes and jewelry, all of course out of both of our price ranges. But please believe when I get a full time job that these and these shoes will be coming home with me. I also got excited when I saw a milky brown and cream link necklace like the one I reviewed by PONO in the jewelry cases. So many sparkly cuffs and huge rings and multi-strand necklaces. I was in heaven.
Peace & Stripes
The wind was whipping on Friday and it was cool but the sky was gorgeous and filled with puffy white clouds. So when I got dressed I decided an oversized sweater and my jeggings would be my outfit of the day. Oh and I got a haircut (finally). I had gone from this cut all the way back to a bob, I was in desperate need of scissors.
Peace & Stripes
I bought my sweater a size too big so it would hang a little lower and the sleeves would be long, it feels cozy to me like that instead of so fitted. I love the stripes and the heart shaped peace symbol made it even sweeter. Not a lot of accessories that day, just my sweater, jeggings and boots. I did get fun with my makeup and do a soft teal and grey eye. I’ve been doing lots of color on my eyes lately, since I don’t have to worry about summer’s heat melting my eye makeup. I guess I’d describe this outfit as cozy and that’s how I felt all day.

What I’m Wearing: Sweater, Old Navy | Jeggings, Gloria Vanderbilt | Boots, Nine West

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    • @Kristine It’s so cute but it’s not very big at all. I was hoping it would be wall to wall accessories but it’s just a cute little space filled with a select number or gorgeous and expensive shoes.

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