Reason Number 2,432 Why I Heart Marshalls & TJ Maxx

At the end of last winter I had to lay my beloved wool coat and puffy winter coat to rest. The lining had come out of my wool coat after a good 4 or 5 years of constantly wearing it and my white puffer coat was no longer white. Plus, I’ve lost some weight and needed to go down a size in coats for this year (YAY!). So for the last few weeks I’ve been browsing coats online.

I gave myself a budget of $125 and said instead of 2 coats, I’ll try to find just one really nice one because if I pay full retail I can’t buy 2 at that price. So I was contemplating buying the Weatherproof Trellis Quilted coat, for $80 it wasn’t blowing my budget but I just wasn’t sure about the fit and how warm it would be. I was thinking about going to a Nordstrom over the weekend to check it out in person.

Last night I decided to go to Marshalls and see what they had in their coat inventory. My new Marshalls is super clean and always seems to have a fresh truckload of new stuff everyday. Don’t you know I found what is probably last year’s version of this Weatherproof coat in purple for a whopping $29! Since it was so far below my $125 budget, I picked up a very cute Cynthia Rowley houndstooth print wool coat for $39. Two coats for $70?! I still have enough money left over to buy gloves, a hat AND a new scarf.

I love you Marshalls, I really do.

0 thoughts on “Reason Number 2,432 Why I Heart Marshalls & TJ Maxx

  1. @theaofa Just had a similar exp! Wanted a Michael Kors faux fur vest from Macys, but found a Cynthia Rowley faux fur vest for $40 @TJMAXX!

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