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Cool FactorI’m going to admit something to you.

It is rare that I feel cool.

I’m smart, confident, funny but cool is never the word I would use to describe myself. But when I saw this picture I took with my aviator shades on, the cropped motorcycle jacket and the mix of the stripes with the bird scarf, I thought, “damn I look kind of cool.”

I guess we all have our moments. I tend to think of my style as traditional with a twist, I wear a lot of classic shapes but in bold colors or patterns. I’m not trendy but I mix in touches of boho or preppy here and there, but this to me was just kind of cool and effortless and I really did throw this together.

It’s gotten super cold in DC all of a sudden but on Sunday it was the perfect temperature for me to wear this cropped motorcycle jacket by Michael Kors I got at Filene’s Basement last year for $20 – fantastic bargain. If you look closely in the picture you can see the reptile like imprint on the material, it’s so unique. The added bonus is that it’s lined in fleece so it’s warm.

The outfit really started with me wanting to wear this super soft T shirt from Target (you’ve seen me wear it here), it’s that perfect blend of cotton and lyrca and I want wear it with everything. Throw on a fuller pair of jeans, some Chucks and the jacket and scarf (courtesy of Jitni) brings it all together.

A little mixed print, relaxed pieces and the shades give me a cool factor I didn’t know I had.

So how would you describe your style? Are you cool?

What I’m Wearing: T Shirt, Target | Jeans, Gap | Jacket, Michael Kors | Scarf, courtesy of Jitni | Shoes, Converse | Shades, Loft

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | The Cool Factor

  1. I found you via the fabulous Allie and I am sad it has taken me so long! wow- I love your blog, and I adore your amazing style! I can’t wait to read all you have written.

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