Friday’s Fabulousness | Random Act of Joy

Philosophy Gingerbread ManI’m all about the holidays right now as I work to put together this year’s gift guide! So first, let me apologize if my posting isn’t very regular over the next few weeks. I’m searching through email pitches, looking at websites, coordinating photo shoots with friends to try and bring together a great guide this year. I love getting to be creative but there are so many things I see and could blog about daily but am saving for the guide.

But if you missed me not posting yesterday, you can read my Accessories Wardrobe post I wrote for Wardrobe Oxygen! Go over there and show Allie’s blog a little love and leave some comments about your favorite fall and winter accessories, pretty please.

So the other day I got an unexpected delivery from my friends at QVC. They sent over the Philosophy Gingerbread handwash and lotion duo in this nifty little holder (it fits right at my sink!). And they sent me 2, so that I can pay it forward and give a little joy to one of my readers! How fun is that?

This little gift and giveaway is in conjunction with their All of the Joy None of the Craziness Contest on Brickfish. You can do just like I’m doing, randomly surprising someone with a random act of joy, video tape it or send in a photo and you can be entered to win a $3,500 or $1,500 gift card from QVC! All because you decided to share some holiday spirit!

So instead of having you guys enter to win, I’m going to pick one of my Google Friends and send this set to them. So…

Ashe Mischief, you’re a winner!

Gosh, I love the holidays and getting in that giving spirit. LOVE IT!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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