Chicken with Lemon Leek Pasta

The first food magazine I ever subscribed to was Cooking Light and it rarely lets me down. Having a resource for making good tasting food that’s still lower in fat is a wonderful resource to me. I own 2 of the Cooking Light cookbooks and I look forward to the magazine in my mailbox every month (I totally wish they sold a digital edition for iPad!). 

The October issue was chocked full of pages that I ripped out to try later and throughout the winter. Sometimes when I make a dish I get hooked on it and want to make it over and over again (like the warm pasta salad), and the recipe for chicken with lemon leek linguine is definitely going to be be put in rotation quite heavily. 

Lemon Chicken & Leeks

As you can tell by the photo, I didn’t have any linguine in the house, but I had a box of farfalle, so I just substituted. Here’s what I loved the most about this recipe, it didn’t require a lot of ingredients! And it was really flavorful. 

Lemon Chicken & Leeks

The link to the recipe is above, my tips would be:

  • Use thin cut chicken breasts (saves time).
  • If you’ve never tried leeks before they are a wonderfully mild and flavorful family of onion. 
  • Use fresh lemons, do not use that acidic lemon juice in the squeezable lemon. 

This was so, so good. I may need to remake this again soon!


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