Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus

Last Call Studio
This morning I got up super early to head over to a press preview of the new Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus in Rockville, MD. First let me say this, I’m so glad it was a federal holiday because I didn’t have to fight traffic and I got there in 30 minutes. YAY!

The folks at Last Call invited several DC based bloggers and me out to preview the new store that’s opening on November 12th, talk about trends and merchandise in the store AND they gave us a gift card to do a little shopping afterwards. I’m a lucky blogger, this much I do know. I’ve always loved the chance to get to shop in a store before anyone else and with lots of helpful sales people (LeLani was super helpful and sweet). Plus, lots of my favorite DC based bloggers were there and we got to chat and catch up. So it was a perfect morning of breakfast, shopping and playing catch up with the girls.

Trying on a necklace

This is the second Last Call Studio store in the US, the first is in Dallas. They’re a bit different from the Last Call Outlet stores and I love that they’re really designed like a cool studio space. All items start at at least 30 % off of retail prices and they have exclusive items made just for their stores by designers. And the Rockville store has a men’s department, the Dallas one doesn’t. I think my husband will be very happy about that. I browsed the men’s selection and saw some gorgeous sweaters, dress shirts and accessories that he’ll definitely want to check out.

I liked the layout of the store and the flow. It was very open and bright and you could honestly fall in love with every single piece in the store. There was a Rachel Roy dress that left me breathless and buttery soft leather jackets…I really do love to shop. The other awesome thing is that they’ve also introduced a website in conjunction with the stores. So if you can’t get to the Rockville store, you can shop online at!

I fell in love with several pieces of jewelery, like this ombre multi-strand pearl necklace I have on. The prices for jewelry really did have a broad range, so you can truly find something at any price point. This necklace was $90 but they’re giving you 30% off in stores through Monday. Not bad a bad deal at all all.

Between the dazzling clutches, the gorgeous shoes and the fabulous clothes, I was sold and knew I’d be coming back for more.

So what did I buy?
Last Call Studio These gorgeous studded Sam Edelman boots and a DVF wrap dress. I’ll definitely have to share some How To Accessorize posts with both of my purchases. These boots are truly statement makers, but they made my legs look super long with my black leggings and I couldn’t walk away without them.

If you’re interested in checking the store out for yourself, the new Last Call Studio opens on November 12 and they’re located at Congressional Plaza (1601-B Rockville Pike Rockville, MD). They’re also opening a new Last Call Studio in Paramus, New Jersey on November 19th. Happy shopping ladies, and thanks again to the folks at Neiman Marcus for the invitation.

You can also follow Last Call on Twitter!

0 thoughts on “Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus

  1. I am 110% jealous. I have seen those boots and lusted after them. Thankfully I live in the area and will be purchasing them this weekend! LOL I have to have them.

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  3. Oh I love that they finally have a website! YES! I like the outlets but sometimes it’s not what I want. I like the idea that this is a store. I wonder how often they’ll restock. And I want to see your dress.

  4. I am so jealous!! We don’t really have any stores here in Knoxville that are like that one and now I really want to move! LOL!!! Since my passion is in jewelry, I fell in love with the pic of you in the layered pearl necklace that looked amazing with your outfit!

    Thank you for posted your adventures in retail with the rest of us. It’s like we’re shopping right there next to you. =)

  5. I am super jealous, why couldn’t they have opened in mid-October while I was in town? Oh well, my mother in law would have loved those leather gloves in your collage. I checked the website, but they aren’t there…:(

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