On Overload

Forgive me over the next 2 weeks if blogging is a bit spotty. Like I said yesterday, I’ve gone back to work full time and I’m trying to figure out how to readjust to a working schedule. Over the last 3 months I got very comfortable with my new all day to myself schedule so now I have to cram a lot of personal things like this blog into a smaller window of time.

How did I do all of this before?!

I’m also working on the big Gift Guide. I started this project that seemed to just morph into something bigger than I expected, so I want to make sure I give it the dedication and time it needs. Next week that will be all I’m focusing on, so there will not be any posts until it is complete (plus Thanksgiving and everything). I’d love to get the guide up by Black Friday but my goal is December 1. I’ll post it on Twitter and the Facebook Fan page as soon as it is complete and ready for you guys.

So please be patient with your girl DWJ as I try to make my life all fit back together.

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