Wardrobe Wishes : Skirts

I’m back to work and in a new clothing environment. It’s still business casual but you can’t wear denim of any kind.

Um…excuse me?

So all my cute denim trousers, dark boot cut jeans and denim skirts are going to be hanging in the closet waiting for weekends. I’ve been in such casual work environments over the last few years that I realize my wardrobe needs a bit of a revitalization. Plus when I lost weight at the end of last winter, none of my clothes fit anymore, so I needed new things anyway. I definitely need more pants for the colder weather but I also want great skirts to wear too. I love skirts and colored/patterned tights for the winter.

Here are a few options that I’m looking for:

  1. Something tweed. I love the idea of a great tweed pencil skirt and this one from Ann Taylor is a great neutral. You can dress it up or down.
  2. Something floral and fun. I’ve been into florals a lot lately and I just think this bright floral high waisted number would be killer with black opaque tights and wedges. It adds a bit of fun to your everyday work wear.
  3. Something feminine and flirty. Who doesn’t want ruffles on their pencil skirt? It’s the ultimate girly detail.
  4. Something classic. A full skirt in black can be pair with anything in your closet. I need a good versatile piece that I can just throw on in a pinch.
  5. Something a bit luxurious. A pencil skirt but in a cashmere blend. Sounds a bit cozy, don’t you think? Pair with an oversized boyfriend cardigan, patterned tights and flat boots and I’m good to go.

I also feel like I need to place a big order to We Love Colors for some of my winter basics in tights (black, brown, burgundy, teal…perhaps a grey fishnet too!) but I definitely need to get paid first. Some for now, I’ll be window shopping and making a list of what I need for work. What’s on your work wardrobe wish list?

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