Friday’s Fabulousness | Anti-bacterial Chic

You may think I’m a bit off the rocker for this one, but lately I’ve been obsessed with lotion and anti-bacterial gels. I don’t do flu shots (sorry, DWJ + needles = pure pandemonium) but I try to get my vitamins, veggies and lots of rest during this season. Since I’m not a flu shot person, I wash my hands frequently (which requires lotion afterwards because ashy hands are not an accessory I want) and the occasional pump of anti-bacterial gel at my desk.

When I popped into Bath & Body Works the other day I was pleasantly surprised when I found the HandiBac anti-bacterial hand lotion AND they’re 2 for $5. YAY! I’m a fan of Twisted Peppermint (love this holiday edition scent and love it even more in the bath gel) but I also have Midnight Pomegranate in my purse too. It smells divine.

Now I can get my moisturizer on and a little anti-bacterial action at the same time. I love it when a product does everything I need at once. And I’m considering a flu shot this year. I work in a huge building so I’m terrified there will be germs all around!

Have a great weekend everyone. I will be posting next week and working on the Gift Guide. Oh and I’ve got a good Black Friday deal for you too!


0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness | Anti-bacterial Chic

  1. This will do nothing to fight the flu- the flu is a virus! If you’re truly unable to deal with a shot, they make a nasal spray version. Surely somewhere near you must offer it!

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