My Holiday Week

I was fortunate enough to start a new job on the 15th and then get a week off for Thanksgiving. WOOHOO! The husband and I packed up our car, loaded up the iPad with great playlists (seriously, I have one that is 74 songs long and can go for about 3 hours) and drove down to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to be with my family.
Family Portraits (Thanksgiving 2010)
This was what I saw when I stepped on the porch of our room. I loved having a porch with rocking chairs and all, so southern. And the weather was beautiful. While we were there, we decided to take a family photo for my Mom and Dad’s holiday card. They reminded me that when we took a family photo when I was 4 I threw a fit because I couldn’t take the picture. My Dad had the camera set up on the tripod and we took family pictures on the front steps and there’s a picture of me in a red Member’s Only jacket and pants crying because I wanted to be in charge…it only took 28 years but I was finally in charge of the family photo shoot!
Family Portraits (Thanksgiving 2010)
This is my Dad, who I like to think I got my photography skills from. I always remember him with a camera when I was little. I always wanted to take pictures and he would always let me press the shutter. I have always had a camera in my pocket or purse and I have to thank my parents for always buying me the latest, greatest or smallest camera on the market so that I could always snap photos.
Family Portraits (Thanksgiving 2010)
And this is my Mom, who I think I’m probably going to look just like when I get older – and I love that. I think my Mom is and has always been gorgeous. When we were taking pictures she had a great glow around her (I do attribute some of that to my lovely makeup job…).
Family Portraits (Thanksgiving 2010)
And since I’m sharing pictures, I might as well show the entire family! These are my sisters. It’s amazing how noisy we get when we’re together and how much all of us shop! We loaded up 2 cars with lots of great bargains from the outlets.
And this is my favorite picture I took all week.

I am so grateful for such a loving family. So tell me, how was your Thanksgiving?

0 thoughts on “My Holiday Week

  1. What great pictures! I love Hilton Head- growing up, my family used to go there for beach trips in the summer- I miss it! The last picture is fantastic 🙂

  2. DWJ,
    You look happy and content. You are so blessed to have such a loving and stable relationship with your family! South Carolina looks amazing; I need to spend a week out there to calm my troubled second grade teacher nerves. HA! My nerves are okay, but that view is still pretty swweeet!

    .-= Chandra @ShiftC´s last blog ..Fall Trend- Velvet =-.

    • Chandra, yeah I love my family. I’m pretty lucky that even as adults we still love to go on vacations together. We have so much fun together!

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