My Thanksgiving Meal

I haven’t posted in a while, why? Because I’ve been enjoying myself. I had the entire week of Thanksgiving off and spent it in South Carolina with my family. We stayed at a Disney Vacation Club on Hilton Head Island and despite having kitchens we still ordered the catering for Thanksgiving Day. It was good. Thanksgiving Dinner

I don’t really eat sweet potatoes, but I hear the sweet potato souffle was delicious. I thought the stuffing was super moist and delicious. The green beans were just green beans. Nothing too exciting about them but still tasty. I was slightly disappointed that I had to doctor up my mashed potatoes. They were a bit bland, they definitely needed more salt, pepper and butter. Thanksgiving Dinner

What was the star of the dinner was the spiral cut ham. Don’t get me wrong, the turkey was moist and tasty but WOWZERS, that ham was on another level. We had so much food left over there were ham biscuits the next morning, ham sandwiches and just lots of ham in general. I didn’t overeat but I definitely enjoyed myself.

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