The 2010 Gifts & Glamour Guide

I’m so excited for this year’s Gifts & Glamour Guide and I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed putting it all together. I enlisted the help of 18 of my girlfriends and we had so much fun. For 3 weeks we took photos and for the last month I’ve been pulling products and emailing PR folks – I think this one is pretty special.

So let me first say thank you to: Amelia, Andrea, Anne, Arienne, Carol, Erin C, Erin J, Genevieve, Hannah, Jessica, Juana, Kimberly (and little miss Kayla), Laura, Leah, Nikkia, Rebecca, Vyque and Yuvay. You are all gorgeous and I’m glad I can call you my friends.

And don’t worry, there will still be more holiday posts from me from now until I take a break for the holidays. I just couldn’t fit everything into the Guide. Enjoy and definitely let me know what you think and share it with your friends!

Happy Holidays!

{I would suggest you click the Guide below and let it go full screen so you can read it all}

0 thoughts on “The 2010 Gifts & Glamour Guide

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  2. Excellent stuff πŸ™‚ And didn’t Leah look lovely in your LBD layout. I just added a couple more things to my list (one for me, one for them LOL)

    • Thanks, Kristine! I hope everybody finds a little something for someone they love πŸ™‚ And a little something for themselves too πŸ˜‰ That’s my kind of holiday shopping!

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I even made the hubby look at it. Hopefully he’ll take my hints about he iPad cover and put something nice in my stocking for Christmas. πŸ™‚

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