I’m A Shutter Bug

You may not know this about me…I’m mildly obsessed with photography. I’m forever looking at new lenses, techniques, fun things to take the moments I capture and make them into really amazing photographs. Since Thanksgiving I really haven’t picked up my camera, I’m just a bit exhausted and trying to get through the holiday hustle and bustle but I realized last night how much I miss my camera. I miss that weight around my neck and looking threw that viewfinder and seeing the world in a new way. I need to go back to throwing it in my bag and carrying it wherever I go. But I also wouldn’t mind the Shutter Piece Pendant from the Photojojo Store.

I’m pretty sure my friends Jessica and Casey would probably love this necklace too. Jessica is my number one photography buddy (we take tons of photographs together) and Casey is the kind of photographer I hope to be when I learn more and grow. Casey sees things in a totally new and beautiful way, I always look forward to new uploads in her Flickr stream.

I guess my creativity and inspiration is starting to overshadow my exhaustion, so perhaps I’ll take some pictures while I decorate the Christmas tree tonight. I need to get myself back on track, I need to remember 2010’s resolution: to do something creative every day. And perhaps Santa will bring me this necklace to remind me to always see the beauty in every moment.

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