Baby It’s Cold Outside!

This is the face of a very cold (but cute) blogger this morning. I woke up to a surprise dusting of lake effect snow…um, I didn’t know we got that in Maryland! My commute was long and a bit crazy just because everyone in the DC area seems to freak out the moment flurries start swirling by, it’s a bit insane. I pulled out my hat with the ear flaps and rabbit fur…and before you start in on me I did not realize I bought a rabbit fur hat until after I bought it. But damn that hat is warm and I’m keeping it.

With this new cold snap that seems to be here to stay and last year’s 3 blizzards in winter, I realize that I need boots for the colder weather. My old ones have seen better days and my Uggs aren’t cutting it anymore. The problem is, I want cute boots. I don’t want ugly winter boots to keep my feet dry, I want something that can keep my toes toasty and I can wear all day if need be. I’m willing to spend the money because they’re boots I’ll have for a few winters and I need them to be quality.

Enter the Geox Hybrid Hiking boot…they keep your feet dry, will have a great grip because they’re hiking boots AND they’re cute! I’m partial to the purple (because I like a colorful life) but I could live with the black or brown as well. I’ve been waiting for them to show up on the Geox website but they’re not, so if you or I want them we’re going to have call 866.898.5335* to find a retailer in our area or order them over the phone. They’re $190 but this crazy weather, I’m willing to pay the price for my feet to be dry and snow to not be an issue.

So tell me, when it’s cold, what’s your go to winter accessory?

*Reference these style numbers: D0307T 02243 C9999 (black), D0307T 02243 C6000 (brown), D0307T 02243 C8015 (purple)

0 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside!

  1. My go to boots this winter are the Sorel Tivoli. I love them because they are cute and not so bulky like some snow boots!! I have the houndstooth w/ pink laces!

  2. @theaofa my guy just bought a @GeoxUSA coat w/ removable vest for cold& wet east coast trip. Built 4 elements but gorgeous 2. Works in LA 2

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