3 Things That Make Me Happy | Pierre, Zinio & Flare Magazine

Because of Pierre (my iPad) I’ve found a new appreciation for fashion magazines. I’ve always loved magazines, poured over them and pulled out pages and saved special issues for as long as I can remember. Then I started to get disheartened over super skinny models, the lack of diversity in the faces and even the lack of diversity in topics like beauty and hair care. For a long time I used to think I’d be a magazine Editor in Chief and then I kind of just stopped loving fashion mags as much.

Well, Zinio has revived my love of magazines and my appreciate of gorgeous fashion photography. Zinio is an app for iPad where you can download digital editions of magazines AND you can view your magazines on your PC too!
Flare Mag Jan 2011
My latest Zinio discovery, Flare Magazine. A Canadian fashion magazine that has been pretty spot on every single month. I bought an issue because of one of their gorgeous covers with Chanel Iman but I ended up subscribing because I love what they cover, the diversity of their models and their style.
Flare Mag Jan 2011
This image alone is making me rethink my use of denim for daytime. I totally need a denim shirt, ASAP! I think I devour the pages of Flare before I even begin to flip through my Marie Claire or Glamour and I’m totally not a Vogue kind of girl. Never have and I don’t know if I ever will be. Even if you don’t have an iPad you can enjoy Flare magazine via Zinio on your PC or iPhone, but I’d definitely add this magazine to your list of must reads every month.

So tell me, what’s your favorite magazine? I’m always looking for something new and fresh!

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  2. I’ve been saying I need a denim shirt, I’ve been on the hunt! Not a Vogue girl myself I like Style Sample, Au Courant and NEET Magazine (All online mags), still love Lucky as a print mag as well.

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