Happy Friday & I’m On Hiatus

Oh Christmas Tree... I’ve decided to take my holiday break from The Art of Accessories a bit earlier this year and I hope you’ll come back to read me in 2011.

I have to admit, 2010 was a stressful year for me. This time last year was the beginning of us finding out my Dad had pancreatic cancer, which was followed by pay cuts at work, his surgery and chemotherapy, and then my lay off from work. Who knew a year could bring so much that would test me?!

As this year comes to a close I realize I’ve almost come full circle. I saw some of my darkest days and was riddled with the fear of what might happen next only to now be at a much happier and stress free time in my life. I’m happy to be employed and actually be able to afford to buy my family and friends gifts for the holidays. I’m happy to be able to hug my Dad and to spend another holiday with all of my family. I’m thankful, I’m stronger and I’ve grown so much in 2010.

I’m also tired and happy to see 2010 come to a close.

I’m looking forward to new challenges, new opportunities, new people and places being brought into my life. I’m happy that I know that after the year I’ve had I can do anything. I can survive anything. I’m stronger than I thought I was and that’s a great feeling.

I used the Art of Accessories this year as a crutch, the thing to distract me when I was sad or even scared. I’d write and post and hope that someone would leave a comment or email and love what I’ve presented to you in my little piece of real estate in the blogosphere. I poured a lot of myself into the Gifts & Glamour Guide because I was unemployed and still wanted to feel that I had talent and skills and could do something even if it was just for myself. And the feedback I received was wonderful. It made it worth all the work.

Every single comment, email, tweet and link  that has come to me because of this blog has made my day. Each little bit of contact has brightened my world more than  you’ll ever know and I am so thankful that you choose to include me in your fashion lives, your accessories choices and in beauty decisions on a daily basis. I’m happy to call so many of you friends even though I’ve never met you in person. Thank you for giving me so much.

So after such a long year of highs and lows, I think I’m going to take 2 weeks to recharge my batteries. To be with my family and friends (I’ve got a new baby in my circle of friends to go visit and snuggle too) and soak in all the laughter and joy that I can. I hope to come back to the Art of Accessories on January 3, 2011 renewed and refreshed, ready to start my third year of blogging. I do hope that even though the last days of shopping are almost over you’ll still look at the Gifts & Glamour Guide or pass it on to a friend and tell me if you remixed your black dress or tried a new look because of something you saw! And definitely tell me what you hope to see more of in 2011 from me too, feedback is always welcome.

So to all of you, I wish a very happy holiday season. Be safe and fabulously accessorized and I’ll see you in the new year! And if you want to make sure that you get my posts as soon as I come back you can always subscribe to the RSS feed, subscribe to the daily email, catch me on Twitter and because it’s baking time you just might find a post or two on Crumbs and Creativity (I just can’t stay away from the internet!).

Happy Holidays and I’ll see you soon, my friends!


0 thoughts on “Happy Friday & I’m On Hiatus

  1. Thanks so much for sharing everything you have with us Dana. I love your blog and it has made me smile each time I have read it. Great job on it and I believe it will continue to grow! Love you!

  2. DWJ,
    I know this year was a rough one for you, but I admired how you still “tweeted” and “blogged” without focusing on the stress and strain of your life. You have offered me reassurance; I know that life can be difficult but strong women such as yourself are living proof that we can definitely survive and ultimately thrive when life throws us some heavy blows.

    Have a very special and happy, merry Christmas!

    See you in 2011!!!

    .-= Chandra @ShiftC´s last blog ..Etsy Find- A Slip Shop =-.

  3. I have to say, the selfish side of me wishes you would continue to blog for just a little bit longer, but I do understand for your break. I love your blog and have gotten so much out of it. I’ve tried to do my winged eyeliner again after seeing how you perfected the look. I also found myself thinking about some of your posts while out shopping today. =)

    Enjoy your two weeks off and see you again in 2011! Oh, I’m going to be a working girl again myself in 2011 so it should be a great year! =)

    Merry Christmas and enjoy that snuggle bunny!
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..Bootie Call =-.

  4. I too have gone through the worst year I’ve ever experienced in my life and it began a few months ago. Trials, yes, we all endure but loss of loved one(s) along with other family issues – at times I’ve felt defeated. However, I am a woman deeply rooted in faith and believe all things are possible… including my situation getting better.

    So for 2011 I wish for you (and myself) a better year than 2011.

    Ps: I love the shoe decoration! I’ll be back again in 2011.

    .-= Ears to the Feet´s last blog ..Shoe of the Day =-.

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