Catfish & Grits

I was in NYC for New Year’s Eve – Brooklyn to be exact. My husband is from Brooklyn and the majority of his family is there along with a few of my close friends. On Sunday we had brunch with one of my closest friends, Steven, at Peaches Brooklyn.

We let Steven pick the brunch spot because he always knows the best places to go. This was no exception.

It’s a small, cozy spot with really great soul food that made my day (I wiggled in my seat a bit while I ate…sign of happiness). It was the kind of place that made my husband say, “this is what I miss about Brooklyn,” because if you ask him if he misses NYC most of the time he will tell you flat out no. I like to think that’s because home is where your heart is and well…home to me is wherever he is in my book.

Catfish & Grits

At brunch, I decided to do something different – I got grits. Catfish and grits with a lovely tomato salsa on top.


Look at how beautiful and colorful this plate is! And every single bite came alive in my mouth. I would’ve never though grits, salsa and catfish would be the perfect marriage, but Peaches truly sold me on that combination. And I’m not even someone who likes grits (despite being raised in North Carolina).

My husband had the shrimp and grits, Steven had smoked salmon and eggs…and a side of French toast. That was the other great thing, you could just order a side of French toast because sometimes you don’t want that to be the entire meal. I don’t know if I could rave about this meal enough.

If you’re in NYC or visiting, definitely give Peaches a try. I know I’ll be going back again and again…

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