The Future of Friday’s Fabulousness

Well happy Friday, all!

As the Art of Accessories is nearing her 3rd birthday (can you believe it?!), I’m looking at the site as a whole and things I want to continue with and want to change.

I’m kind of over Friday’s Fabulousness.

Why? Well, I like to think that the majority of what I post is fabulous and I don’t need to make a huge highlight just on Fridays. I still remember my first FF post about Lush’s Body Buffer bar. I was using it in the shower that morning before I posted and thought, “this is fabulous and I need to tell everyone I know about it!” And so Friday’s Fabulousness was born, but now I think it might be time for a new chapter in the Art of Accessories. I totally have a right to get bored with my own features, it happens.

So I’ll ask you today, what do you want to see? Links from other sites? A specific product category? A step by step in pictures? Videos (not really my favorite but I’m asking)? Tell me because really, this blog isn’t just shaped by what I love but by what you ask for too.

I’ve got plans this weekend to take some pictures and get to posting, so leave a comment so I can have more stuff to think about. Have a great weekend!


0 thoughts on “The Future of Friday’s Fabulousness

  1. I am not that keen on the whole make up aspect because I am not sure how to do it so a step by step video would be helpful to me 🙂

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