Food Inc

I watched Food Inc today.

I then looked up my closest farm to buy my chicken, beef and pork from – despite being so grossed out by seeing a chicken killed that I might not eat meat for a while.

I had already resolved to give up caffeine and artificial sweeteners in 2011, but now I want to give up everything that doesn’t come from a local farm and isn’t produced organically.

I buy a lot of organic produce and dairy but now I want to know where everything I buy comes from (and I don’t want another chicken nugget ever again) but I do know that making that kind of shift in how I buy my food will make a huge impact on my wallet. I think the higher cost is worth it, despite not being able to afford to make a 100% switch right now, I will do my best to buy a lot more local meat and produce.

All my husband and I keep saying tonight is, WOW. I’m so shocked I want my own farm. Or to at least start a garden in my tiny backyard despite my aversion to dirt and spiders.

Our nation has to do better with food regulation. Seriously.  

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