Lip Service | MAC Ruby Woo

Last year I put myself on a Beauty Challenge for the first 6 months of the year. It pushed me to do something different every day with my makeup and really dig through all of the beauty items I have…and I have a ton. I played a lot with my eyes last year, exploring colorful eye shadow and liner. But really, I was on a quest for the perfect shade or shades of lipstick that would just make me feel like a girl – fabulous, bold and feminine all in a single tube.

And over the last few months I’ve discovered a fabulous hot pink, a vivid orange, a bold purple and a fabulous red – which is why I decided to start a new series, Lip Service. I love lipstick from drugstore to high end and I think as I’m getting older I realize I’m about bold lips and backing away from the gloss (not 100% but just backing off a bit).
Lip Service

First up, MAC Ruby Woo.

This is a gorgeous matte red lipstick that gives you that old Hollywood glamour. It also looks fabulous on every skin tone I’ve seen. Don’t believe me? Check out Naomi from Rockstar Diaries and Nikkia from Silver Lips Beauty rocking Ruby Woo. And I’ve recently turned Jessica from Design Wonderland on to this fabulous color.

It’s wonderfully bold and the matte texture makes it look sophisticated and not slutty like some glossy red lips tend to do. And when you wear a red lip this bold, you don’t need to do much else makeup wise. I tend to just do a bit of black eyeliner, mascara and blush – the lips say it all.

So tell me, have you tried Ruby Woo? Do you have a favorite red that makes you feel fantastic? Please share!

8 thoughts on “Lip Service | MAC Ruby Woo

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  3. It has been a minute since I stopped by so I’m terribly late but I picked up Ruby Woo and a brick liner and I’m so in love. I’m already thinking about what I can wear tomorrow so I can wear it again. Funny because I pick out all my work clothes on Satruday or Sunday. I can’t get enough of seeing myself in this kissable lippie!!

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