Things That Inspire Me | The Sartorialist, Visual Life

I have been browsing the webpages of the Sartorialist, Scott Schuman’s website for as long as I can remember. His street style images are awesome and I love going through the archives sometimes just to get inspired. The thing that excites me the most, he isn’t professionally trained. It kind of makes me feel like there’s still hope for me that my creative future will still sprout wings and blossom into something wonderful.

When Jess IM’d me this video last week, I stopped what I was doing and watched immediately. Intel did a little mini-documentary on the Sartorialist’s process and his “Visual Life.” It’s part of a great campaign to get people to share their visual life with Intel. I don’t think I’ll be sharing my visual life (maybe I will…who knows) but I had to share this video with you. I just loved it and got so much inspiration from it. It really did make me want to carry my camera with me everywhere I go. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the next Sartorialist!

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