Max Brenner : A Chocolate Experience

I like chocolate, a lot. My sisters are certified chocoholics, I am not. I’m just a chocolate enthusiast. But don’t get me wrong, I love good chocolate. I’m the girl that insisted we go on a Cadbury factory tour while in London (their milk chocolate makes me weak in the knees) but I have always enjoyed my chocolate mixed with something.



Peanut Butter.


Max Breener

So while I was in NYC for New Year’s Eve, we met friends for a very late dinner/dessert (the hour and a half wait was no joke) at Max Brenner.When I tweeted where I was going, all the NYC folks were excited and shouting out their favorites. I had been there before for a chocolate filled brunch with my sisters a few years ago, so I knew what to expect. And if you go, expect chocolate overload but in a very decadent and delicious way.

Because it was so late and I had only had brunch in my belly, I was STARVING for real food, so I went light on the desserts. Although, my grilled chicken sandwich and waffle fries were fantastic, this chocolate and peanut butter shake was a piece of artwork. And I love the Alice & Wonderland “drink me” reference in the dishes. The details at Max Brenner are so lovely.


Max Breener

Of course the husband is a bigger white chocolate fan than chocolate fan so he got the churro fondue with toffee, raspberry and milk chocolate sauce AND a cookies and cream milkshake. I totally did not judge him. At all. I was surprised he didn’t get the crepes with hazelnut or something with bananas and chocolate but he surprises me all the time.

Max Breener

What did surprise me was the 3 ring notebook paper plates that his dish came on. I want a set for myself, but of course I could only find notebook paper mugs and trays online. Sigh…I’ll have to keep searching and hope that they get more in stock. It was too cute to resist.

And after such a wonderful evening of laughter and decadent desserts, I’m sure that I’ll go back to Max Brenner whenever I’m in NYC. Now if only they’d open a DC location…

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