Must Have | Saying Bangles

I talk a lot. Always have and always will. I think I’ve had something to say since I was born (my parents said I was always trying to talk and communicate with them when I was a baby) and I’m always trying to make a bold statement. When I’m working out at the gym I even wear those trash talking Nike t-shirts. Last night I wore a shirt to the gym that just says, “Every Damn Day.” You’d think I was super muscular or thin but no, I’m just cocky at times and feel like saying something.
Ettika Saying Bracelets
I think that might be why I’m kind of in love with Ettika’s Saying Bangles. I can now speak volumes through my jewelry. They come in gold, brass, rose gold and silver (I think I want a mix of rose gold, gold and silver) with the following sayings:

  • Be Free Spirited, Live, Love and Laugh
  • Dreams Come True If You Really Want Them To
  • Love Is The Name, Sex Is The Game
  • Love Me, Kiss Me, Hug Me, I’m Yours To Keep
  • Love Protection Luck Happiness Power Karma
  • Need No Man To Buy Me Jewelry
  • Never Say Never ‘Cause Never Is Forever
  • Officer, I’m Not Guilty
  • So What If I’m a Gold Digger
  • Sue Me, I Have a Lawyer
  • What You See Is What You Get

I think I would buy What You See Is What You Get, Dreams Come True If You Really Want Them To and Never Say Never ‘Cause Never Is Forever. They also have a fun twist on a customized dog tag necklace that I’m in love with too. And at $36 for a bangle, the price is just nice enough that you could buy one for yourself and another to give to a girlfriend (of your favorite blogger…just kidding!).

These are definitely being added to my Must Have, My 100 list. I have to buy the 3 I want this year. So what do you think? Which saying would you want to wear?

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