My Winter Boots | Privo by Clarks Hayseed

Winter Boots
I heard on the news today that 49 of the 50 states have snow on the ground (sorry Florida, you’re missing out). We’ve got more than snow in Maryland – we’ve got ICE! How do I know? I took a nose dive in the parking lot while trying to get to my mailbox last night. So not cool. We didn’t realize the rainy/snow mix we drove home in was coating our parking spaces in ice, so I probably should’ve had on my snow shoes instead of my Chuck Taylors, huh? Don’t worry, I’m okay but I am sooooo sore today. I landed on my knees in a half push up position so I didn’t end up slamming my face into the concrete (thank goodness). But I am definitely walking gingerly today.
Winter BootsLast month I talked about a pair of sassy boots for the snow I wanted, but at the time they just weren’t in my budget – and  I admitted that. Then I realized I was going to be stomping around NYC for New Year’s Eve in tons of snow and I needed shoes as soon as possible. So I went to and bought a pair of Privo by Clarks Hayseed Hunter boots in brown. I believe when I bought them they were on sale for $69, now they’re $89 but they’re pretty great for under $100.

They’re waterproof and have a wonderfully rugged rubber sole that helped me stomp through the slushy streets of NY. I also love the knit sock liner in them, they kept my feet extra warm and cozy.

They aren’t as fly as the Geox boots in purple that I wanted, but for my world right now they’ll definitely do. I’m sure they should stand up through a few winters too, I’ve owned several pairs of Privo by Clarks shoes and I love how they feel on my feet and how durable they are. They’re definitely a line for walking in, I usually have a pair of their flats on vacations when I know we’ll be walking everywhere.

So despite the fact that I did not have them on last night in the ice, I would highly recommend these if you’re experiencing a bit of nasty weather like it seems most of the country is today. Stay warm and and be careful of the ice!

0 thoughts on “My Winter Boots | Privo by Clarks Hayseed

  1. I hate that you slipped and fell. I remember doing that a year or so ago, right in front of my office. Needless to say, everyone laughed-except of course for me. I landed on my knee and today have issues because of it. It stinks!!!

    On a happier note, I LOVE these boots. They are cute, functional and will keep your tootsies warm too. I just may have to get a pair myself.

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