All Dressed Up In Love

Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Love NecklaceOne of the songs I loved on the Sex and the City the Movie soundtrack (1 not 2 – 2 was a bit dreadful) was Jennifer Hudson’s All Dress Up In Love. As a person who has been in love (some might describe it at times as madly in love) with the same man for almost 11 years, I love the way love looks on me. Whenever I come back from a wonderful trip or long vacation with my husband people tell me I look good, I glow, I’m happy. It’s love and I kind of wish I could keep that glow on me all the time.

Which is probably why I love the Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso® Love pendant in rose gold. It comes in silver (at a lower price point I should add) but if you wanted to simply wear love everyday I’d go for the pink over any other metal…or the diamonds. But I don’t have diamond money, so I’d just settle for the rose gold.

I think I’ve been on a rose gold kick lately but it’s just because it has such a warm, soft and pretty glow. It feels so feminine and fresh in this sea of platinum and silver.

You know what else I love? The awesome comments I get on my posts at We Heart This. My latest post is about How to Stay Sleek, Stylish and Warm With Tights! I know everybody is experiencing cold temperatures right now but you can only wear pants for so long. I’m helping you explore  options on how to spice up your work and weekend wardrobe with a cozy and colorful pair of tights. So definitely stop on over to We Heart This and check me out over there too. And if you want alternatives to the Tiffany & Co necklace, check out the box below!

0 thoughts on “All Dressed Up In Love

  1. I saw this on the Tiffanys website the other day! We are so on the same page:) I know what I’m asking for Valentine’s Day…

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