A Food Adventure

After my husband and I watched Food Inc last week our lives changed. For the good but they still changed.I don’t think I’ve ever been as affected by a movie as I was with Food Inc. I’ve also eaten more vegetarian meals in the last week that I have in a long time but I know that I can’t give up chicken (or bacon) just yet.

We really do want to know where our food comes from. So we’re making a huge effort to eat organic and locally grown meat, fruits, vegetables and dairy every single day.

I’m not becoming a fanatic, I won’t refuse go to a favorite restaurant because they don’t buy local food (although Good Stuff does which makes me very happy about burgers), but I will make a conscious effort to make sure what I produce in my home is local and organic.

The cost of eating this way is slowly starting to become less expensive and more reasonable price wise but the stores aren’t as close and convenient as my local grocery stores. But I have to admit, the produce is always tastier at my Whole Foods or farmers market, so I know I’m getting something good.

This is also pushing me to try new vegetables and recipes I’ve never had before. First up – eggplant. I’ll be making a Martha Stewart dish with eggplant and lamb this weekend that I hope is as tasty as it looks online. We’ll see how it goes. It’s all just a food adventure. Right?

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