Sally Hansen Salon Effects {Cool Product}

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Like my nails? These are the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects that I picked up at CVS during my lunchbreak last week. I walked by the display and saw so many colorful options and said, well I will try that!

I haven’t done Minx because so many people have said they chip so easily after a few hours. I wasn’t going to waste my money on something like that when I have so much polish at home. But when I saw the at-home version I had to try it. I picked the houndstooth print, but  there is lace, fishnets, camouflage, butterflies and even glitter! Which is great because glitter is a pain to remove. But the black and white was speaking to me, so I picked them up and wanted to give them a go. Last week my friends at We Heart This posted about their Salon Effects experience too and that made me pull them out this weekend and put them on.

They were very easy to apply, even on my right hand. You pull the strips off of their plastic backing, apply them to your nail and then smooth the sides with a cuticle stick and remove the excess (I found that it’s easier to just fold the nail decal over your nail and use your nail as a file instead of the little file they provided). In about 30 minutes, I had 10 very fancy nails and I loved how they came out. I also loved that I convinced my husband that I had painstakingly painted the pattern on my nails. HA! He believes I such a creative person, gotta love him.

So far they’ve worn nicely for the last 3 days, so I’m anxious to see how long they last without chipping. I picked them up at CVS for about $10 for a pack, so cheaper than a salon manicure but definitely not an every week kind of thing. I’ve definitely got the denim and zebra print pattern on my list to pick up to try again. I think they’re a fun alternative to my normal nails.

Have you seen Salon Effects in your store? Have you picked them up yet? Are you interested?

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    • @Kristine Wow! I’m shocked that DC got them first! I wonder when they’ll start trickling out to the rest of the world. I did grab them off of a display at CVS, so I wonder where they’ll store them in store when they do arrive as a regular item.

  2. In Houston, we have them at Walmart. I’m wearing the black & white zebra right now and LOVE THEM! A friend picked these up for me…I really want the houndstooth though. I’m going to Walmart tomorrow to stock up! These are SUPER EASY to put on and so far, I’ve had them on 4 days and they still look good… even after 3+ hours in the pool! A clear topcoat every other day is definitely advised though to make it last…

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