On The Road Again!

Traveler's Choice Freedom II - 3-Piece Hardside Spinner/Rolling Luggage Set I’m going on a family vacation this Saturday – YAY! Don’t worry, I have some great guest bloggers lined up for while I’m on hiatus next week and a giveaway for you to enter while I’m gone too. And in the midst of work, life and trying to get content for you guys while I’m gone, I’ve been stressing myself over packing. I’m gone for 8 days, which is a lot so I have to think strategically about what I want to pack, what I’ll need and what can be left behind. But what I really keep thinking about…is that I want new luggage.

What I currently have is a hot pink version of this Diane Von Furstenberg luggage collection but it is so filthy it is almost embarrassing. Once 1 TSA agent puts their boot print on the front of your bag, every luggage handler seems to not care about how dirty they get your pink luggage. And I’ve tried every cleaning product there is to get it clean and it’s just absolutely filthy. I’ve lost all hope.

So now, I’m dreaming about the Traveler’s Choice Freedom II – 3-Piece Hardside Spinner/Rolling Luggage Set because it’s hard luggage with lots of wheels for smooth sailing through the airport AND it’s bright green. I love luggage that I can spot instantly as it’s coming off of the luggage belt at the airport.My DVF luggage has seen me through some great trips (Las Vegas, NYFW, New Orleans, Miami…) but I think it has seen better days. I need an upgrade at some point and this 3-piece set is under $200, which isn’t bad at all. Perhaps this is on my To Buy list before my next trip.

Any other luggage suggestions out there? What bags do you travel with?

0 thoughts on “On The Road Again!

  1. I love this fun, vibrant green color too. I’ve been in the market for new luggage as well. I’m tired of the same old cookie cutter black bags that you have to tie a ribbon to in order to designate which is yours. It’s so annoying and not to mention, so not stylish!

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