Filling in for DWJ…

Today feels more like a Monday than a Friday. I woke up late. Left my purse at home. Have on zero makeup (I planned on putting on blush and lipstick when I got to work…but it’s in my purse and I don’t have a backup work makeup kit). My eyeglasses are also in my purse. I have no money.

Are you noticing the pattern here?

Today is going to be a day but that’s okay because tomorrow is the start of my vacation. YAY! So I thought instead of me trying to rush to get content up, I asked several of my friends to be guest bloggers for you guys next week. So let me give you a little introduction on who you’ll be reading next week:

MONDAY | Design Wonderland: Yes, Jessica is my BFF but she’s also a fabulous interior designer (yes, she’s got an MFA in Interior Design) and has an eye for all design. She’s picked out one of her favorite accessories that just so happens to be a gift from me!

TUESDAY | Gouldylox: Kelly is like me, a beautyholic. Obsessed with all things beauty, I love the fact that she believes the right cream blush can make your life complete. So true, so true. She’s got a great beauty look to share and some new products too!

WEDNESDAY | Wardrobe Oxygen: Allie makes getting dressed fun. She’s a real woman with a 9 to 5 job (and an adorable toddler) who shows you that dressing for work and life doesn’t have to be boring at all. All I’ll say about her outfit…I love the bold accessory choice!

THURSDAY | You’re Welcome: I’m lucky, I have comedian Erin Jackson as a friend and my life is always filled with laughter because of her. EJ isn’t a typical style blogger but I knew she’d be up for the challenge when I asked her to participate. She’s an avid sports fan and will tell you what NOT to wear to a football game.

FRIDAY | MoMoMod: I have Twitter to thank for having Chandra on my list of cyber friends. Her blog MoMoMod shows you that dressing more modestly can be fun and creative and she’s definitely got a great eye for style. I think I read her blog because she loves color and pattern just as much as I do and she’s a bargain shopper! She’s sharing tips on accessorizing with scarves!

MONDAY | Silver Lips Beauty: I can also thank Twitter for bringing Nikkia into my life. She’s a fabulous makeup artist and one of the bubbliest and nicest people I’ve met in a long time. She’s showing you an easy beauty look AND a great outfit. LOVE IT!

And to ease my way back into it, I’ll be doing a giveaway on Tuesday when I get back! So stay tuned for great posts and you can always find me on Twitter while I’m gone. Have a great week, show the ladies some love in the comments and I’ll see you all when I get back from my vacation.


0 thoughts on “Filling in for DWJ…

  1. Well it sounds like you’re ready for your vacay now more than ever! Enjoy it — you have a roster of fabulous ladies keeping your readers company!!

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