Filling in for DWJ : @JessWonderland

While I’m on vacation I’m having a few of my favorite bloggers share their beauty and accessories tips with you. These are folks I read every day, so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Show them some love and leave comments! xoxo, dwj

Hey, It’s Jessica from Design Wonderland and today, I’m taking over DWJ’s blog and sharing my favorite accessory. Over the holiday’s I became obsessed with the Thursday Friday’s Together Bag. I blame DWJ for showing it to me, because before December I didn’t know it existed. When I told her of my plan to buy it, she made up an excuse for me to delay the purchase. It worked but little did she know I was visiting the site often to sneak a peak (umm…ok it was everyday). And little did I know of her secret to buy it for me as a holiday gift!

Can you imagine my joy when I opened the box?

From the time I received it, I’ve pretty much carried it everyday. My perfect, very ironic, canvas faux status bag has been to work,  client meetings, Design Center trips, New York and anywhere else I can think to take it. I can’t think of another accessory in my arsenal of cute things that makes me feel both pulled together and delightfully quirky at the same time. And if you know me, that’s exactly  how I want to be all the time . And there’s a bonus… It has its own waitlist, like the Birkin, after which it was  styled. I mean, that’s a bonus if I was to care about things like that (and yes,if you were wondering, I totally do).

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0 thoughts on “Filling in for DWJ : @JessWonderland

  1. OMG!! I have adored this tote for a while now and love the fact that it has a wait list lol! I ordered mine last week and it won’t be here until March but, I’m totally ok with that! LOL! it really is like waiting on the real thing.

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