Filling in for DWJ : @EJtheComic

While I’m on vacation I’m having a few of my favorite bloggers share their beauty and accessories tips with you. These are folks I read every day, so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Show them some love and leave comments! xoxo, dwj

Hey guys! My name is EJ and I’ll be your guest blogger for the day! A little about me: I’m a professional stand-up comedian, lover of Chinese food, author of a little blog called You’re Welcome, and a HUGE fan of DWJ and The AofA! I’ve known DWJ since college, and over the course of our friendship she’s forced me helped me to transition from an all-black-clothes-no-makeup-wearing tomboy into the accessories and makeup lover I am today! She’s fantastic! But y’all already know that…

I know you’re accustomed to reading about beauty and fashion accessories for everyday wear and/or nights out on the town. But because I’m still kind of a tomboy, I wanted to focus this post on the importance of and best ways to accessorize for other types of situations — like professional sporting events.

OK. So maybe you’re not a big sports fan and don’t attend (m)any professional sporting events. And maybe you’re thinking, “Oh well, there was bound to be a dud this week.” But try and stick with me — this might come in handy if a friend, coworker, or boo invites you to go to a game and you wanna look your festive best! I am a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, and was lucky enough to score a ticket to the Eagles vs. Packers Wild Card Game in Philly a few weekends ago. Yay! And much like any other big event in my life, I started planning my outfit more than a week in advance (Yes, really). When styling oneself for a sporting event, the most important rule to remember is: More is more. You can never have too many pieces of flair:

Now if you don’t already have some team gear, don’t worry. You can always drop by the pro-shop before the game and pick up a few items. It’ll win you points with whomever you’re sitting with and it’ll help you feel more like a part of the ‘fan-ily’ — which in case you’re unfamiliar is an awful term I just coined and you should never ever repeat. As you can see below I was wearing 1) an Eagles skull cap, 2) a No. 10 DeSean Jackson jersey, 3) a pair of Eagles dogtags, and 4) an Eagles sweatshirt. Not pictured are: my Eagles throwback jacket, gloves, and my custom Eagles Snuggie made especially for me by none other than the fabulous DWJ.

I definitely wanted to make sure I showed my team spirit, but the main reason I was so layered up was because it was freezing that day! Of course, not all pro sporting events are held outside. But for the ones that are, it’s super important that you’re dressed appropriately for the weather.


This young lady was not. It was 25 degrees out that nite.

Dressing like this for a nighttime football game in January will only get you laughed at by everyone else in attendance. And no one wants to be laughed at by 70,000 strangers. Except maybe me. But that’s because I’m a comedian. I digress… She kept sending her boyfriend to buy her hot chocolate. Poor guy missed most of the second quarter.

The last — and possibly most important — accessory for cold-weather games is these toe/hand warmers. These things are amazing. I would totally buy stock in them if I knew how to buy stock in things.

So to recap: There’s no such thing as over-accessorizing when it comes to supporting your favorite sports team. Mushroom shirt, mushroom belt, special mushrooms in the lining… it’s all good.

And pants are kind of a necessity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be cute! Rock your flyest jeans and your fiercest boots. Get creative. Paint your face maybe! Actually… don’t paint your face. That’s ridiculous. Just put on your regular makeup. But have fun with it is my point. I really hope you enjoyed reading but if you didn’t, at least you’re 3-4 minutes closer to the next guest post and DWJ coming back.

So… there’s that.

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