Filling in for DWJ : @MoMoMod

While I’m on vacation I’m having a few of my favorite bloggers share their beauty and accessories tips with you. These are folks I read every day, so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Show them some love and leave comments! xoxo, dwj

I’m Chandra and I teach 20 second grade students by day, and am a blogging and social networking machine by night. I blog about modest fashion on MoMoMod—More Modern Modesty.

My fast paced teaching lifestyle coupled with dreary and foggy winter days placed me in sort of a clothing rut. I enjoy the mild central California winter months, but in more recent weeks I’ve found myself quickly pulling out all black ensembles in an effort to get dressed quickly and mask my holiday weight gain.

I enjoy dressing up and love accessories; I’ve blogged about how my love for shoes and accessories can also be somewhat of a burden when I get dressed in the mornings. I have to nix the heels and over-the-top garb for classroom purposes. On the other hand I enjoy adding a bit of color and vibrancy to my outfits—especially in the winter months.

I’ve found that a colorful scarf can brighten and liven up virtually any outfit. My trusty year old Old Navy floral patterned print scarf has helped breathe a bit o’life into many of my all black ensembles.

Ways to incorporate a scarf into your outfit:
Layer up. Add the finishing touches to a structured blazer or basic blouse by placing a loose scarf around your neck. I teach second grade, and I like to have a semi-professional-fun-loving appearance. Because my blazer and pencil skirt matched the dismal day, I knew my scarf would add some warmth and much needed color.
Contrast, Complement. Wear your scarf with an outfit that will contrast or complement the pattern of your scarf—the choice is yours.
Try a tie. Update a basic black dress by wearing a scarf like a sash around the waist. I’ve found that a black dress can be taken from day to night with the perfect accessories. In my case: the scarf! Whether you tie it obi style, or simply wrap it around your waist, you’ll find that your scarf is very versatile.

What is your accessory staple? How do you add color to your wardrobe?

Accessories I’m wearing:
Betsey Johnson Boyfriend Watch
Steve Madden Intyce Boots
Shoe Clips
BeBe Bailey Pumps

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0 thoughts on “Filling in for DWJ : @MoMoMod

  1. I love scarves, but I’m so bad at tying them more than just a loop around my neck. I recently purchased this lovely scarf with ruffles and failed miserably and finding a cool way to wear it. I returned it sadly…but I love wearing scarves. I need help! LOL

  2. Alissa, thanks for your comment. I have plans to post a video (my first!) on my blog on how to tie a scarf in various ways. Be sure to look out for it! I know it can be a hassle. One day I just started trying out as many different ways as I possibly could, and I came up with quite a few “fashionable” ways.

    Nikia, thanks, my friend! I can always count on your support! Those shoe clips were gifted and I’m having a giveaway on my blog soon for a $25 gift certificate towards the shoe clips of your choice!


  3. I’ve used my scarves more for decoration on my handbags than I have as an actual accessory on my clothes but I’m practicing. I wore an all black ensemble Friday with a gold t-shirt under my blazer and an animal print scarf that worked really well (nope, no pics..cameraman was off for a few days). I picked up a beautiful colorful print scarf for $3 at Old Navy this weekend and can’t wait to wear it. I’ll keep watching and reading so I can learn more and enhance my wardrobe looks. Thanks!

  4. Kerissa, Old Navy has some of the most bright and patterned scarves and when I stumble upon them for less than $5 I like to stock up. I have many of their scarves and I think they make an excellent addition to a basic black outfit (as you can see! ha). I haven’t been to Old Navy in a few weeks, but I might pay a visit in the next few days to see if I can find one or two scarves. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  5. I swore I commented last week ! Bad me 😦 But I love how you rocked this scarf in each picture. I use to wear scarfs all the time but, never did I try to rock it how you did in that last picture with those fabulous shoes! Now I have new way to wear it. Thanks for teaching me something new 🙂

  6. Nikkia, thanks and you’re welcome! I used to wear a scarf as a sash quite frequently, but for some reason…I STOPPED! Since I wear this particular scarf so much I’m hoping to find another vibrant scarf to replace it and try the sash thing a little more.

    Tiffany, thanks for visiting DWJ’s site and thank you for your kind words!


  7. Chandra, I picked up the cutest scarf two weeks ago at Old Navy for $3! I’m hoping to find a few more although I’m still working on being able to wear them stylishly.

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