Filling in for DWJ : @SilverLips

While I’m on vacation I’m having a few of my favorite bloggers share their beauty and accessories tips with you. These are folks I read every day, so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Show them some love and leave comments! xoxo, dwj
Hi!! I’m Nikkia of Silver Lips Beauty and today I’m going to do something I’ve never done. I’m sharing my Outfit of the Day { OOTD}!  I always love Dana’s OOTD’s post and how she shows off her fabulous accessories and style and well I thought WHY NOT have a go at sharing my outfit of the day!
Alright here goes. Please be kind  I’m no fashionsita 🙂

Outfit Details
Cashmere Sweater – Old Navy (No Longer Available)
Houston Cuffed Slacks – Lane Bryant
Giraffe Print Pony pumps – Nine West ( print no longer available but shoe style available)
Gold Jumbo Bead Necklace – H&M (No longer Available)
Canary Stone Ring – Forever 21(No Longer Available)
Neverfull GM tote bag – Louis Vitton
MAC “Love Forever” Pro long-wear lipstick w/night-moth lipliner

So how’d I do?

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0 thoughts on “Filling in for DWJ : @SilverLips

  1. You did great. I love the entire look. Chic, classy and great for a day in the classroom (I teach) for comfort but very stylish. Seeing as how most of what you showed is unavailable the least you can do is wear the same size shoe and pass those great pumps on 🙂

  2. Thanks so much ladies!!!! I was a nervous wreck doing this post because as I stated i’m no fashionsita! Kerrisa if you wear a size 12 we can talk! lol I know big feet right?

  3. nikkia you are lying! you are quite the fashionista and have always represented us curvy girls fabulously! fab look! you do look like the hot school teacher or college professor lol. great outfit!

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