Things That Delight Me {2.2.11}

San Francisco 2011

Brownie Sundaes Are Delightful

Lately, my mind has been full of lists. Things that make me happy, Things that inspire me, Things I want, Things That Delight Me…you get the jist. So today, since I’m clearly behind in my normal blogging duties (my brain is still in vacation mode) I thought I’d share some of the things that are tickling my fancy right now. Perhaps my ramblings will become a regular feature…we’ll see.

  • This Tropical Yerba Mate Tea by Allegro is the bee’s knees in my books. I’ve been sipping on it all morning and I’m 110% in love with it. It’s not overly caffeinated and it has a light and slightly fruity flavor to it. I think I love it.
  • While the rest of the world seems to be buried in snow, we’re having a 55 degree day with rain, very random but I’m happy to not be snowed in.
  • I inherited an orchid in my new office and it’s starting to bloom, which makes me feel like spring has to be around the corner. I’m also perplexed that it’s blooming because I have not watered it but I think I have a plant watering fairy that does that for me.
  • Erin emailed me yesterday and the best line of the email was, “thank baby Jesus for ignorant friends like you.” It’s the little things that make me laugh (and yes, I am ignorant and silly all the time).
  • I discovered new flavors of LARA BARs yesterday at Whole Foods and I can’t wait to rip into this Chocolate chip Brownie Flavor ASAP. I also went to Whole Foods after working out yesterday and totally bought a billion dollars worth of snacks. I really should stop going to the store after I work out.
  • Life is pretty good.

What’s random and wonderful in your life?

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