Pardon The Interruption

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If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been having some issues with my web hosting service. My site keeps coming up as being suspended and between work, arguing with the hosting company and life. I’m exhausted. Plus, I think I’m still on West coast time! I’m up all night and dragging in the morning. I have got to get some rest.

On a fun note, I got a chance to teach a class yesterday at my alma mater (Howard University) and that has also taken up a bit of time planning out my lesson for yesterday and today. So give me a day and I hope to be back to normal posting!

0 thoughts on “Pardon The Interruption

  1. I love this pic of you and that pop of green!!! It looks awesome on you and I can see how this is one of your favorite colors. What sort of class did you teach yesterday? Sounds exciting!

  2. I’ve been trying to do some black and green or grey and green and this photo makes me believe I can pull it off. Green is one of my favorite colors. BTW, your confidence and happiness shine in your photos 🙂

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