Things That Delight Me {2.11.11}

San Francisco 2011
Here’s to another week gone by that seemed to just whiz right by me. Fortunately for you, I plan on spending a bit of time on Sunday doing some photos of some new items so that I can actually give you some good posts. And I’ve got a few great beauty items under my belt this week that I’d love to share! So what’s got me giddy this week?

  • I was MIA all week because I taught a class at my alma mater for one of my girlfriends. It was fun.
  • I also did my very first of many trainings at work. Not as much fun as the HU class but tons of work – whew, I’m glad I got the first one out of the way.
  • These will be waiting on my doorstep when I get home.
  • That even though I don’t really do Fashion Week, I can still watch live streaming shows on YouTube. YAY!
  • My husband installed a new wardrobe for himself in our bedroom and I now have the entire walk-in closet all to myself! #OHHAPPYDAY
  • Even though I’m not a romantic, Valentine’s Day is on Monday and I have a friend who is a Valentine’s Day baby and she always makes it a great reason to celebrate.
  • Once my life settles down for the weekend, I’ve got a stack of magazines available on my iPad and a few in print that are waiting for me to curl up with a cup of tea and just veg out for a few hours.

Just a few things that delight me. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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