Better Than Chocolate

Over the weekend I celebrated a girlfriend’s big birthday and today another close girlfriend celebrates her birthday as well. It’s so funny because a lot of people hate Valentine’s day but having a girlfriend who is literally a cupid baby makes it such a wonderful day to celebrate. It isn’t always about being in love but about showing those you love (family and friends) how much you care.

Yuvay's 30th

Birthday Girl #1


Birthday Girl #2

So of course for the last week everyone has been asking what I was going to do with my husband for Valentine’s day or what I wanted…
Bare Escentuals Kaleidoscope
I’m not very romantic, I’m more silly. I think roses are pretty but the smell makes me a bit nauseous and they make me sneeze. If you buy me a box of chocolates I’m pretty much only going to eat the one with caramel filling and give the rest away – I know I’m a difficult Valentine.

So what would I want?

  • Things like makeup (doesn’t that BE kit look better than a box of chocolates?), a nice palette would be fun.
  • Shoes! I’m still waiting for my Converse to arrive so I’m be oh so delighted when they get here.
  • A red Swatch, Swatches are my favorites, and my mother used to always send me a red Swatch on Valentine’s Day.
  • A trip to Red Door Spa for a hot stone massage. I just feel more relaxed saying that.

What does my husband want?

  • Anything electronic. We’re currently pricing out 60 inch TVs for his man cave. Goodness gracious.
  • Anything sports related. Anything.
  • Time with just me. Sometimes I feel like my days are never ending and I have such limited time on my hands so it’s always nice to get a moment to snuggle up on the couch with my hubby and spend some time together.

So what’s on your Valentine’s day wish list? Got any special plans?

0 thoughts on “Better Than Chocolate

  1. It would be fun to be a valentine’s day baby…definitely would be showered with LOVE! 🙂

    We don’t really do anything for v-day. I’m not really big on the holiday…I just sometimes draw kooky cards for my husband.

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