How To Accessorize | A @RedbookMag Inspiration


Oh...the mystery

Surprise, surprise – I took an outfit photo! Cue bells and whistles, LOL. It’s been cold and it gets dark so early so I don’t take pictures of myself because it’s too dark and cold. Plus, I’ve just been so busy. But this morning, I really thought my outfit was cute so I popped out in the cold without coat on to snap a few pics (and almost all you can see how my shoulders are hunched up because I was so cold). But first…here’s the inspiration.

Redbook March 2011

Redbook Magazine March 2011

I was flipping through my digital issue of the March 2011 Redbook Magazine (yes, I read Redbook and love it) and I saw this combination of a striped tee and a black shift dress.

I like shift dresses…and I own one!

I love my striped tee…hmmmm…
And today’s outfit was born from a Redbook Inspiration! I’m also trying to wear more red. Why? It’s my husband’s favorite color and he made a big deal about how pretty the color is on me and that I don’t wear it enough. So here is proof of me making an effort. And he was adorable because when I came around the corner dressed he shouted, “RED!” and had a huge smile on his face.

What I’m wearing: Dress,  Loft (from many years ago) | Striped Tee, Target | Grey Tights, Marshalls | Grey Belt, Macy’s | Oxfords, Off Saks Outlet | Heart pendant, not a clue because I’ve had it for so long | Lip Stain, Pixi Beauty

So would you pair such a casual tee with your work wear? I think it’s kind of like where’s Waldo gets a job, LOL. What do you think of my combo?

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | A @RedbookMag Inspiration

  1. Cute outfit. I’ve been meaning to start clipping outfits I like out of magazines and saving them for when I go shopping/vintage shopping, but I haven’t tried it yet. Now I really want to. I’ll have to post the results on my blog.

    I don’t read Redbook, but I’m beginning to think I’m missing out!

  2. This is a super cute outfit! I read any magazine most days but Redbook hasn’t been one I’ve checked out on the regular (MORE is ) but I’ll reconsider the next time I’m in the library.

  3. I love the colors. I have a three pairs of gray tights, and I always struggle with WHAT TO WEAR when I want to wear them. I feel as if my big ol’ legs will resemble elephants’ legs. I have a shift dress that would work nicely with my gray tights. I can’t wait to try this look.


    • @Chandra why do I have a feeling you will rock this look in an even better way? You’ll add some fabulous color combination and then I’ll have to do it all over again 🙂

    • @Kelly I wear that tee every week, I should’ve bought 2. I love it and have found a way to work it into any combination of things. Best staple ever.

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