Things That Delight Me {2.18.11}

I’m delighted that it’s Friday and I have a long weekend ahead of me. Of course I have way too much scheduled for this weekend but I think Monday I’m planning on sleeping, sleeping and laying in bed reading magazines all day. If only my husband will promise to give me foot rubs…then my day of rest will be complete. I feel like Things That Delight Me is becoming my Friday feature but it could also be that it’s so easy to do once I run out of steam from a crazy week. So here’s what’s delighting me this week.

  • I find it quite ironic that yesterday I was feeling like a lady and today Swatch has The Lady Collection of watches in super feminine colors. I think I want Arctic Sea, it reminds me of a favorite nail polish.
  • Yesterday one of my coworkers told me I looked like a fancy Nancy with my tie front blouse. HA!
  • This commercial cracks me up, still. And inspired this set of photographs I took at dinner the other night. I love hanging out with my cousins.
  • That my book to learn knitting arrived this week and I’m ready to get a project started so that by next winter I will be the master of creating the perfect scarf!
  • This bottle makes me so happy. Seriously.
  • My  husband gave me a huge orchid for Valentine’s day with about 5 blooms on it. I love it now and hope I don’t kill it with  my black thumb. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

That’s it for me this week, see you back here next week. Perhaps while I’m laying in bed this Monday I’ll post too. I mean I am off of work…

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