How to Accessorize Jeffrey Campbell Be Well Wedges

Jeffrey Campbell Be Well
After having lived on a shoestring budget for quite a while and then losing my job, when I think about shopping and how I want to spend my dollars I’ve been leaning on the quality side more than quantity. I did a bit of shopping when I got my new job to give myself a complete work wardrobe and I haven’t done much shopping since. I’ve been thinking and planning out purchases I want to make, how I can pair them with things I already own to maximize my wardrobe.

When I make a purchase, it’s because I saw something that made me squeal with delight. That’s how the Jeffrey Campbell Be Well wedges have ended up in my closet. I quickly snapped these up last week and have been planning outfits around these shoes since I ordered them. I have a feeling you will be seeing these puppies a lot. The super tall wedge is easy to walk in and the perforated suede is to die for – I’m in love. And with spring and summer’s color blocking trend, this bright red shoe was just that great pop of color I needed to add to my wardrobe.  Since I’ve been browsing shopping sites I thought I’d share what’s on my shopping wish lists (yes, there are multiple) and right now I’m hooked on pretty much everything on the Boden USA site. They love color and print, so that is right up my alley.

Boden USA outfits

  1. Printed Cotton Skirt: I LOVE the printed pattern on this skirt and all of the colors. I could pair it with 1 of my numerous cardigans and those red wedges and be ready for work.
  2. Sassy Silk Dress: I like the idea of pairing something so pretty and in silk with such a crazy shoe. The ridiculously high wedge and textured wedges are a nice contrast to such a neutral color lady like dress.
  3. Stripy Tunic: For my casual weekend wear I’m all about comfort and I’m in love with this breton striped tunic/dress. I think classic navy blue and white will be absolutely fabulous with a red shoe. Such a classic combination.

So what would you pair with my wedges? I’m so excited that I need this winter weather to go away so that I can rock a peep toe again!

*Get 15% off plus Free Shipping and Returns on Boden’s new Spring Line! – affiliate link

0 thoughts on “How to Accessorize Jeffrey Campbell Be Well Wedges

    • @LV I have a feeling I’m going to be all over these shoes with navy and yellow. I even see some orange and red combos in my future too. LOVE THEM!

  1. I have only recently gotton into wedges .. before I use to think they were too bug n clumpy n that they will make me look cheap… but after wearing them I now know why people wear em!
    They are high but comfy and chunky but make ur feet look sexy. So I am loving these red shoes you habe on your site aswell.

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