How to Accessorize | All Kinds of Stripes

All Kinds of Stripes
STRIPES! I think that’s the theme for today. Oh and sleepiness. I feel like I look as exhausted as I am despite all the concealer I applied this morning in an attempt to mask how tired I really feel.

I braved the 20 degree temperatures this morning to snap an outfit shot and was surprised to see my next door neighbor on his back deck smoking a cigarette. He asked me if I was trying to be all Hollywood this morning, LOL. No, I clearly wasn’t. I also wasn’t expecting an audience but I always seem to get one when I’m taking pics in my backyard in the morning. Oh well.
All Kinds of Stripes
Back to stripes. My sweater has horizontal stripes in beige. My pants have a thin white pin stripe and I thought in keeping with the stripes I could finally wear my LeSportsac ballet flats! I picked these up for 30% off at DSW in January, I didn’t even know LeSportsac was making shoes! Clearly, I was happy. And the other thing that makes me happy about this outfit?
All Kinds of Stripes
This vintage starburst pendant. I bought it at a little tea shop in San Francisco, it was calling my name in the window. I love starburst mirrors and totally want one for my house but decided the smaller version on my neck was more affordable. And my coat that is keeping me so toasty and warm is the Weatherproof coat I told you about in November. Best $29 ever spent, I highly recommend this brand of coat. It keeps you warm without all the bulk!

What I’m Wearing: Coat, Weatherproof | Sweater, Gap Outlet | Pants, NY & Co | Flats, LeSportsac | Necklace, Vintage

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