Monday’s Manicure {Zoya’s Dana}

Happy Monday, how was your weekend? Mine was entirely too short and to wake up on a wet Monday with more rain to come is not my favorite way to start the week. But on the bright side, it will be 71 degrees today (I’m ignoring the torrential rain and high winds part) and tomorrow is March 1 so spring is definitely on it’s way – YAY!

So last night when I was painting my nails I decided I needed to do something that would go against this dreary Monday and brighten up my day. I’ve had Zoya nail polish in Dana in my arsenal of polishes since November but I just hadn’t been in a hot pink kind of a mood, so it sat waiting patiently for me to open it. I honestly bought this color because of the name 🙂 I’d like to think that after a tweeting campaign of suggesting the name Dana they finally gave in with that summer collection but who knows. I also thought it was ironic that when I bought my sisters’ namesake polishes (Charisma for my next polish purchase color. But I definitely think Dana will be in my spring/summer rotation a lot this year.

So what are your favorite shades to wear to help perk up your mood? Do tell!

0 thoughts on “Monday’s Manicure {Zoya’s Dana}

  1. My favorite color at the moment is OPI You’re Such A Kabuki Queen. It has this pale hot pink going for it. It really pops especially when I wear dark colors.

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