My Bu…Timbuk2 That Is

When I was in San Francisco I stumbled onto a Timbuk2 store – a brand that I’ve purchased 2 bags from for my husband and 1 for myself and have loved. I always say I’m going to custom create a tote for myself, because who doesn’t love a good custom bag? But I’ve never gotten around to figuring out exactly what I want.

You might remember when I was reviewing my Vivienne Tam HP Netbook that I found a pink and red mini cargo tote on sale at Marshalls. It was a bargain and I still use it when I’m traveling or carrying a netbook or my iPad around with me. Well, the Timbuk2 store in San Francisco was having a sale and I couldn’t resist the Timbuk2 Cargo tote in teal with just a touch of camo print on it. I’m kind of a sucker for camo…it makes me feel like I’m a bad ass.

Since returning from California this tote has been on my arm everyday for work. Every single day. I carry my gym clothes and shoes, iPad, makeup case, my favorite water bottle, glasses and other random bits in this bag with me. It has  pockets on the front and back and pockets on the inside. It’s waterproof too. I was caught in a bit of a downpour with the bag and everything inside stayed nice and dry!

I love the color, how sturdy it is and that it fits a lot of stuff without being a huge bulky bag. Did I also mention I paid $35 for it? That totally made it even more worth it when the cost was half the price for a custom built bag on their site. Every Timbuk2 bag we’ve had in house has been durable and still looks great even after years of use. This is definitely a full priced or discounted purchase that I’m all for.

Have any of you bought a Timbuk2 bag before? Thoughts?

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